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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using our site you agree to use the cookies we use.

We collect information about the user with cookies and other similar technologies, such as a local repository of browsers. A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a user’s computer. Cookies often contain anonymous, unique identifier, which allows us to identify and calculate browsers visiting our site.

Cookies make our site easier and faster. With the information we receive, we can make your experience more appealing.

Cookies can collect, for example, the following information:

  • user’s IP address
  • time
  • pages visited
  • browser type
  • from which web site the user has accessed our web page
  • from which server the user has entered the web page


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What kind of cookies does our site use?

Cookies can be temporary or permanent. Temporary leave your terminal when you close your browser. Permanent cookies remain for a longer but predetermined time.

Certain cookies are necessary for the technical functionality and usability of the site. These do not collect information that could be used in marketing, but help the site to function properly. In addition to these, we use the performance-measuring and following cookies.

Our cookies measuring our performance gather information on how users use our web site. These cookies do not collect user-identifiable information, but are anonymous and are used only to improve the overall functionality of the site.

Our site uses the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress WPML


The information collected by the cookie may be transferred and stored on servers of those operators that may be located outside the EU.

How are cookies managed and how are they removed?

You have the ability to decide on the settings of your web browser yourself by changing the extent to which you want to enable cookies on your computer. You can prevent the storage of new cookies, disable existing cookies, or request a notification before saving new cookies.

If you want your browser to block cookies, configure the settings according to the browser you are using. Instructions for removing cookies can be found at

If you block or disable cookies, it may interfere with some of the functionality of our website.